Shopping At Khlong San Market, Bangkok

Spend enough time in Bangkok, and you might pick up on the local ladies’ and gents’ ingrained habits. They all share a penchant for affordable, fun, and slightly sloppy attire. Khlong San Market is probably the best place to see what people are wearing in Bangkok right now.

Khlong San Market, located next to Khlong San pier on the Chao Phraya River, is a community-run market serving the immediate area. Although it is not designed with visitors in mind, you will enjoy wandering around here. You’ll also get a firsthand look at the newest styles to hit the streets. From the water’s edge to Charoen Nakhon Road, you’ll find a seemingly endless supply of clothing, garment, and boutique outlets selling everything from trendy jeans and bright tops to fake designer handbags and shoes. Even though the merchandise is cheap, it is still wise to haggle for a lower price.

If you’re hungry after you’re done shopping, you could always check out the supermarket. As evening approaches, the market fills up with diners picking up dinner to take home or eating on the spot. The fashion options are limited, but the market, particularly the food, is exceptional.

Local specialities like Bua Loy Khai Khem (rice flour balls with salted egg in coconut milk), Kui Chai (steamed chives dumpling), Hainan rice noodles, coconut milk ice cream, and Hoy Tod (coconut milk shaved ice) are sure to entice you.